Hi! My name is Em. I work in academic health research in London, UK - doing data management, wrangling and analysis.

My language of choice is R, which I started learning in January 2017. I like to think I have a pretty good handle on it - but I have a very long list of things to learn! As of May 2018, I’m also learning Python - trying to get that diverse skill set…

Although I work in medical sciences right now, I have a BSc in Sociology and have worked in a library, an auction house, a music venue and in the middle of a desert - I like to try new things and don’t like to be bored.

I’ll be writing here about my work (in the abstract) and personal adventures in data science. I’m a (reluctant) ice hockey fan and I’m trying to understand the analytics side of the sport - so expect some discussion of that here too!

In October 2018 I’m going to be starting a Data Science MSc at Birkbeck - in the evenings alongside my job - so I’ll be posting about that as well!